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Custom Orthotics


The foot, or more specifically the arch of the foot, has two very important functions in the body: Alignment of the lower extremities and shock absorption as you walk or run. Chirofit Wellness Center’s customized orthotics can help to align your lower extremities and support your arch to provide maximum shock absorption. Orthotics can help to alleviate many foot and knee problems such as plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, foot pain, heel pain, and calf and knee dysfunction.

Traditional orthotics are typically “customized” by making a mold, cast, or scan of your foot. Although these orthotics provide support, in many cases they do not address lower body alignment or maximize shock absorption when you step.

At Chirofit Wellness Center, our approach is to first conduct a detailed orthotics exam. Through this process, we learn about your individual balance and posture profile so that we can truly customize the orthotics to aide in support, alignment and overall body mechanics.

Our Measuring and Adjustment Process

At Chirofit Wellness Center in Cedar Park, our certified chiropractic extremity practitioner Dr. Mo Jahadi will perform a detailed examination of your feet.  First, he will map out the calluses on the bottom of your feet. Based on where those calluses are or are not, allows him to determine your gait, and if you are walking and moving correctly.

Dr. Mo then evaluates each individual bone in your foot to check for lack of motion and misalignments. If problems are found, he will adjust those bones into proper alignment. Once the bones are in perfect alignment he measures the arch angles, by stabilizing the foot and heel at the optimal angle for maximum shock absorption.  Dr. Mo will place your feet in a neutral position and measure the medial, and posterior arches of your feet. This process ensures that your feet, knees, and hips are in their strongest position, which will increase your overall stability and decrease repeat stress on the lower extremity, pelvis, and spine.

We Can Help

All areas of the body are interconnected. Without lower extremity stability, you cannot have lasting pelvis and therefore spinal stability. If you’re suffering from knee or foot pain, or under chiropractic care and get relief but are not holding your adjustments well between visits, we can help. Dr. Mo and Chirofit Wellness will take the time to evaluate your current conditions and injuries, and create customized orthotics that are tailored to you, your lifestyle, and your specific needs. For more information on orthotics or to schedule an in-person consultation, please contact us at Chirofit Wellness Center in Cedar Park, TX at 512-531-9100.